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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

June 2020


Over the next 6 weeks, this page will have new things added regularly to keep your brains busy! We want to ensure that you are ready for Year 7; therefore some activities to consolidate knowledge from this year will appear. Now we won't be able to cover it all but we will try and get lots of the important things in that you will need for secondary school! Work will be set for grammar, reading, spelling, writing and maths but you don't have to do it all. It is important to remember that all we ask of you is that you have a go and that you try your best. 

A big well done to all the children who have been online, completing the various activities that we have put on this class page. Remember, if you have completed work that you would like us to see, then ask an adult to take a picture and email it over to school so we can see! 


If you are struggling with anything that has been loaded onto the class page, then please do call or email school and let us know. The ladies in the office will then let your teacher know and they will get back to you with some help.


Stay safe year 6!


Mrs Faulkner, Miss Thomas, Mrs Josephs and Mr Theay.


Below is where you will find relevant information for Willow and Sycamore. This page includes SATs revision, homework and research pages for our current topics. 



Help your child prepare to go back to school

This short video explains what children can expect when they go back to school following the coronavirus lockdown period. Thank you to Warwickshire County Co...

June/July work

Transition to secondary school


Below are some ideas of activities you can do at home to get your child/ren ready for moving on to their new schools.

Week 1

A special video message from Windy Arbor staff!

A very special message from the staff of Windy Arbor Primary School

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Team's Newsletter!

New BBC Teach resources
SATs Revision/ Work for home
Summer Topic: Darwin's Delights

Projects for Darwin's Delights

Try these 'Starters for STEM' activities at home to help your children develop their science, technology, engineering and maths skills. Theses activities are easy to resource and provide children with the stimulus to talk about the world around them. Youcan sign up, for free, to access the materials. #ScienceFromHome.

Young Explorers l Become a Meteorologist πŸŒͺ

Hello Young Explorers, Today we want you take on the role of a Meteorologist. Have a go at making your very own Tornado. Send a picture or video @gro-organic...

Young Explorers Become l A Meteorologist β˜„οΈ

Hello Young Explorers, Today we want you take on the role of a Meteorologist. Have a go at making your very own Barometer, a tool meteorology use to help the...

Young Explorers | Become a Film Critic 🎬

Hello Young Explorers, This week we want you to take on the role of a Film Critic. Fill out the review sheet about your favourite film below and send it to @...

Young Explorers l National Grid l Gas Engineer Challenge!

Hello Young Explorers, In this weeks video, in collaboration with National Grid, we will be exploring the career of an Engineer. We will be challenging you t...

Make a Rainbow l Gro-Organic

🌟Thank you to the NHS staff and key workers looking after us all at the moment.🌟 We would love to see how your rainbows turn out! Take a picture or video of ...

Year 6 Maths Planning