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Welcome to the Science Page


On this page you will find useful links and information to support your child with the Science curriculum.


At Windy Arbor we are passionate about children having the opportunity to develop their understanding of the world around them through asking and answering a range of enquiry questions. We believe science should be exciting, allowing them to become deeper thinkers and active investigators. We aim to nurture children's own curiosities whilst teaching essential scientific skills. 


Scientific enquiry skills are embedded in each topic which are then revisited and developed through their time at Windy Arbor. Our curriculum is designed to engage all pupils and allow them to develop their independence, resilience and confidence.

Progression document - working scientifically

To ensure the children leave Windy Arbor with coverage of the full Science National Curriculum; a recovery curriculum has been designed to ensure any missed learning has been covered. 

Please see the Recovery Curriculum documents above. 

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