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Windy Arbor ARC is one of Solihull's specialist provisions for autism. We opened in September 2018 and haves). space for 14 children between year 1 and 6, who can access mainstream schooling with our support. Pupils must have a diagnosis of ASD and have had involvement from the SISS ASD team to access our ARC. See our policy for full details. 

(Please note the name of our provision is Windy Arbor ARC, when we refer to the ARC on these pages we are talking about our specific provision.  When we use the acronym ARP we are referring to the generic Solihull Additionally Resourced Provisions).



We recognise that every child is an individual; therefore our approach is personalised and bespoke. We aim to support children in the ARC to develop strategies that enable them to access mainstream schooling.  For every child, the goal is to gradually integrate into their mainstream class for 100% of the time. 



Places in the ARC are allocated only to pupils who meet the exact criteria. Children must have a diagnosis of ASD and there must be evidence of a high level of involvement of the SISS ASD team. The START team will then send out a consultation to the ARC. We will aim to speak to parents and visit the child in their current setting before agreeing that we are able to meet need.  Following successful application, the Lead teacher of the ARC will contact parents/carers to start the transition process. 


Please note, we do not accept children below year 1 as we are not able to deliver the Early Years curriculum in our ARC. We also prefer to receive children before year 5 so that we have time to work with them and address any specific difficulties before they transition on to secondary school.


Interventions/teaching approaches

In the ARC we offer a range of bespoke teaching strategies to support the children in their target areas of development. These include:

  • The AET Progression Framework is used to identify targets to support children to make small steps of progress in their specific areas of difficulty.
  • Social communication interventions including the 'Talkabout' series.
  • CBT approaches to support anxiety and anger.
  • Wellbeing interventions to reduce anxiety
  • BEAM - exercises to support core strength and motor planning
  • TEACCH - an approach to allow children to manage independent tasks
  • Emotion Coaching - a technique that coaches children to be aware of their feelings and promote appropriate behaviour and or response.
  • Therapeutic play - activities and games to promote turn taking and improve self esteem
  • Regulation and Mentoring - teaching children to recognise their emotions and then regulate themselves
  • Motor Breaks - children are given time out in the Snug Room or Sensory Room
  • Soft start - every transition into learning is supported with a soft start so that children are ready to learn
  • reward time at the end of every day as part of a positive feedback loop.


The Team

Ms Edwards - SENCO and ARC Lead, also covering PPA on Friday mornings

Mrs Hobbs -  teacher of Lavender class (the lower age range, currently year 1-4)

Mrs Manning - teacher of Thyme class (the higher age range, currently years 5 and 6)

Miss Hughes - Lavender class TA and HLTA covering PPA on Friday afternoons

Miss Reeves - Lavender class TA

Ms Warrilow - Thyme class TA

Mr McGuire - TA support to ARC pupils at break and lunch times