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In our first term in year 4 our topic is called Urban Vs Rural. Please have a read to see all the learning that takes place this term. Below is the knowledge organiser that the children can refer to throughout their learning journey. 


Our curriculum


This unit will explore the concept of comparing urban and rural regions within Britain. It will develop and build on the children’s knowledge of map work by locating counties, cities, geographical features and using the organisational skills to develop their maps. We will explore and compare the concept of food production in urban and rural areas. Children will also look at the transformation of Britain and draw parallels between the development of the railways to the way the internet has progressed and is paramount today. We will look closely at how the railway system contributed to developing the economy, travel and leisure, employment opportunities and society. We will study the negative impact the railways had, such as affecting the environment, noise, pollution and animal habitats. We will also look at a range of artists from both urban and environmental backgrounds. This will give children a deeper of artists who use both environments. They will then use a range of different skills and techniques to create artwork inspired by the different artists studied. 

Year 4 Urban Vs Rural Knowledge Organiser

Texts that we will be exploring this term: