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At Windy Arbor we treat every child as an individual; offering the level of support appropriate to the child.


Universal provision:

This includes strategies that help all children access really good quality learning in the classroom including high quality teaching planned to meet the needs of all abilities of children and provision of resources such as word cards, number lines, alphabet strips, pencil grips etc.


Targeted provision:

This will include withdrawal of children individually or in small groups to help them catch up on learning they have missed or over teach learning they are finding difficult to grasp. This will be carried out by the class teacher or teaching assistant for that year group.

Specialist provision:

When children are failing to make adequate progress despite some targeted support, we work with specialists in a variety of fields who help us assess pupils and recommend specific interventions to meet their needs. This includes, for example; 1:1 or small group speech therapy, extra literacy support using Read Write Inc. specialist phonics teaching, BEAM exercises etc. The SENCO or  SEN TAs will be responsible for delivering these interventions.


Through these three approaches we are able to support children with a wide range of difficulties including:

•Speech and language difficulties

•Learning difficulties including dyslexia

•Autism /Asperger’s syndrome

•Physical difficulties including dyspraxia or Cerebral Palsy

•Social, emotional and mental health problems including anxiety or ADHD

•Visual or hearing impairment

•A range of medical conditions where children need additional support


At Windy Arbor we are fortunate to have a specialist provision for autism, The ARC (see separate heading).  ARC pupils attend lessons in their mainstream class and we can call on the specialisms of the ARC staff to support some of our mainstream pupils with autism.