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Welcome to Year 3!


Hi Year 3

Hope you are all keeping safe. It is great to see so many of you are continuing to work hard completing activities from Reading Eggs and My Maths. We have enjoyed being able to put on to Twitter the work you have been completing at home and the smiles which show you have enjoyed the activities. We have seen may of you designing and making your own castles for The Battle of Hastings project. Remember you can use anything you have at home to build these castles because so many of you have used Lego. If you have not completed one there is still plenty of time. Also, now you can get out a little bit more there is a new folder with work called Animal Homes. These activities can be completed at home, in the garden, while you are having your daily exercise outdoors. Give them a go. Take some photos of you doing these and we can put them on Twitter. There is a warning though because you may need some adult supervision with some of the activities. We enjoy looking at what you are doing. So many of you are being very creative.


We miss you all very much and we hope you are all coping with the changes to your normal routine. If any of you are struggling, have any questions or need a little help with any of the activities set, please ask your parents to contact us through the school office. We are still here for you, so if you need help or just want to share your news with us, please get in touch.


Stay safe!


 Mrs Jones and Mrs Gauntlett

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VE Day celebrations


Friday 8 May is the 75th anniversary of Victory over Europe, when the nation will join together to commemorate the service and sacrifice of the WWII generation then and now. As we recognise their extraordinary contributions, we want to invite families to explore VE Day together and help us show our thanks to this inspiring generation.