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Egyptian Addition Word Problems.

How many of these calculations can you answer correctly? 

Show your workings out using column addition. 

You could use the inverse operation to check your answers or use a calculator. 

Remember to only use a calculator AFTER you have had a go at working out the answer!


1. My flights to Egypt cost £493 there and £472 back. How much did my flights cost for the whole trip?


2. I took 1,285 photographs of the pyramids, and 6,843 photographs on the rest of my trip. How many photographs did I take altogether?


3. An archaeologist found 6,542 pieces of pottery. I also found 5,433 pieces. What is the sum of the artefacts that we found?


4. I saw 399 golden necklaces and 1,745 golden rings in a museum. How many pieces of golden jewellery did I see?


5. The tallest pyramid in Giza is 139,000 millimetres tall. How tall would three be if one was on top of the other?