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Special facilities and equipment

Special facilities and equipment

We have a range of resources and equipment in school to support children with a variety of different needs.


  • Support for physical difficulties includes writing slopes, pencil grips, pens and pencils of a variety of sizes and ergonomically formed cutlery.
  • Support for reading difficulties includes coloured overlays, coloured bookmarks, specialist books, including those with coloured paper for dyslexic students and various reading resources at every level.
  • To aid spelling, we provide spelling prompts, word mats, magnetic letters and various spelling games. 
  • To support pupils with numbers, we have a range of maths equipment, including Numicon, base 10 equipment and other counting blocks.
  • For children with very specific difficulties, we can purchase equipment, such as a specialist chair for a child with Cerebral Palsy or an audio system for a child with hearing impairment, as required.
  • To support pupils' sensory needs, they can access wedge cushions, resistance bands, and lap weights. This also includes motor breaks.