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At Windy Arbor we:

Dream having broad experiences that allow us to dream big!


...through a matured and developed growth mindset and resilience that we can be the best version of ourselves.


...through hard work and perseverance, developing skills to become lifelong learners looking to the future to develop our next steps


We will provide stimulating and awe-inspiring learning experiences that open our eyes to the wider world

We will provide a language rich environment supported through a diverse reading curriculum.





We will provide unique opportunities for our children to become innovative and knowledgeable confident with using technology of the 21 century.


We develop the whole child and celebrate their achievements in all areas of their growth, personal, social, artistic, sporting as well as academic.


Our curriculum enables us to aim high, to be inquisitive, independent, resilient, creative, collaborative to encourage respect and build a sense of community.


Skills builder is an essential part of our curriculum and we enable children to take on these roles throughout the curriculum by taking an active part in events throughout the year.


Children leave Windy Arbor empowered as a leader of their own learning and prepared for life's future challenges.

Our Curriculum at Windy Arbor is designed around our pupils and the community we are in. Each year group has three topic titles and the foundation subjects link to this, wherever possible. Each subject is organised to show progressive learning of the key knowledge and skills required by the National Curriculum.

For more information about our curriculum please email