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Spring Term - Tales to Tell

During the Spring term, we will explore a range of stories alongside non-fiction texts, to find out more about, celebrations and traditions life cycles and how to care for plants and living things.

We will also be immersed into our 'Grow Strong' topic, where will learn about how to stay safe, strong and healthy.


We will complete many challenges such as,

brushing our teeth challenge

going to bed early challenge

drinking water challenge

saving water challenge

We will then compare our lives to that of others from other Countries. 

We will 'walk a mile' in Gi Gi's shoes, The Water Princess. 

As well as exploring the planned books and poems, we will also provide opportunities to explore wider texts that have been inspired by the children's fascinations and interests.

Reception - Spring Key Performance Indicators

During the Spring term, we will continue to develop a range of skills.


These four skills below will remain the main focus.