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Autumn - Oceans & Pirates

In our first term of Year 2, we look at the oceans of the world, please have a read to see all the learning that takes place this term. Underneath is the Knowledge Organiser that the children can refer to throughout their learning journey. 


Our Curriculum 

This unit builds on previous knowledge of My World in Year 1, extending pupils learning about the United Kingdom to the seven continents of the Earth. Pupils will learn language related to the globe such as the poles, the equator and extend knowledge of human and physical features from Year 1. This includes beach, cliff, coast, sea, ocean, river, port and harbour. During this unit, pupils will identify hot and cold locations across the Earth and links will be made during Science to how plants and animals have adapted to their environment and habitats. Children look more at significant events that have happened in the past e.g. the famous female pirate 'Grace O'Malley'. This builds on their knowledge of the ‘past’ and how this impacts on the present. Building on prior knowledge of healthy snacks, the children will use their cutting, peeling, grating and chopping to create a healthy lunch to take on a journey. This year the children will research Oceans and create and save their work on a computer.  This will centre around research safety stickers and links with whole school computer and internet safety, using technology inside and outside of school safely. Children will develop their 3D art skills by adding further detail and using different sculpture materials. They will be extending their IT skills to add different effects to their artwork using appropriate software.

Oceans & Pirates Knowledge Organiser

Take a look at the texts we will be exploring this term: