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Can you complete the exciting rainforest themed English tasks? 

Remember we would love to see them! 

Week beginning 18th May

Diary Entry 

Watch this clip of a small boy, Toki, who lives in the Rainforest.

You need to play the clip called 'The Ride of Passage'

The Ride of Passage

Can you imagine that you are Toki and write in role? Have a go at writing a diary entry for a day in the life of Toki. Here is an example for you… 


Dear Diary,  

You will not believe what happened to me today! I woke up to the sounds of the rainforest and clumsily crept out from behind the green, shiny leaves. Then all of a sudden a mischievous monkey took something very precious from me! The monkey made such a commotion, so I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, but in the end I fell over because I was so exhausted! While I was as flat as a pancake on the damp forest floor, the monkey suddenly disappeared from sight! 


I wonder if you can continue the diary entry?

Week beginning 11th May

Writing Challenge: 

Watch the video…

Choose one of the creatures in the forest, can you create a description for the creature, developing SHOW not TELL before the reveal, for example, describing the creatures eyes in the trees, or their powerfully muscled shoulders covered in fur as black as the night before revealing it is a cheetah!  

Week beginning 4th May

Writing Challenge


Can you use some of the adjectives you collected from her poem and create your own poem.

To write well you need to imagine yourself in that setting – watch this and imagine yourself in the Rainforest.

Rainforests 101 | National Geographic

Rainforests are home to over half of the world's plant and animal species. Learn about tropical and temperate rainforests, how they contribute to the global ...

Now have a go writing your own poem….please send us your poems, we would love to read them and publish them!

Week beginning 27th April 

Poetry Challenge

Here is Angela’s poem – can you read it out aloud? Can you put actions and sounds to your poem? Can you perform the poem – if you can, send a video of your performance to Windy Arbor’s Twitter?

Week beginning 20th April 

Click the link below and listen to the author, Angela McAllister reading some of her work. Can you listen out for adjectives that she uses to describe the Rainforest? Make a list of all the adjectives you hear!