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Week beginning 9.11.20


Today the children will be looking at the different passengers that were on the Titanic. Have a look at the PowerPoints below about the different characters and discuss what they were like to an adult. What would a 1st class passenger experience be like on the Titanic? What activities would they do on board? What would they eat? How was it different to a 3rd class passenger?

Children to create either a 1st class passenger or a 3rd class passenger on their profile sheet, which will be uploaded to class dojo for them. Can they draw what the person would look like and around the outside of their character can they write anything about what activities they might have done or what they might have eaten.  

Use the pictures of the characters below and the PowerPoint to help you.


Today the children will be looking at the journey that the Titanic should have taken and then plotting it on a graph themselves. Follow the PowerPoint below which helps explain the journey of the Titanic. 

Firstly the children will watch the video below that shows the footage of the Titanic set sailing in 1912.
The children will then be exploring an interactive map of the journey of the Titanic where they can click on the different stops to learn more about where it should have gone or where it had gone. Please follow the link below and get the children to discuss the continents that these places are in and discuss the different oceans that are around them. The children will be sent a map template on class dojo for them to complete and send back to us.