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Week beginning 9.11.20


Recap what the children already have learnt about the Titanic. Can they remember the key events that happened?

Children will need to discuss the timeline of the Titanic that is below and share this with an adult.

The children will be creating their own newspaper report about the Titanic and today we will be looking at the features of a newspaper report. They will need to read the PowerPoint and watch the video on the following link about newspaper reports:

The children will be sent an example of a newspaper to label on class dojo.


Today the children will be looking at newspapers again and we will be focusing on the language that is used in newspapers. Children to look at the video on the following link again Discuss with an adult what language might be used in a newspaper report. We will be focusing more on the language used, the children will need to follow the PowerPoint below about 1st, 2nd and 3rd person.

Children will be sent an example of a newspaper report on class dojo for them to identify the features and language e.g heading, pictures, captions, past tense, who, what, where, when.


Children will need to read through the different newspaper reports about the Titanic on the PowerPoint below and discuss the different headings they have used. How have they grabbed the readers attention? What language have they used to make it interesting?

Children will need to match the headlines to the report, this will be sent to them on class dojo.


Today we are focusing on planning our newspaper report. We will be focusing on the events that happened in the Titanic and what we could include

Children will need to look at, answer and discuss the Titanic questions that are attached below and plan their newspaper report. What facts would they like to include? Have they put in an opinion?

A planning format sheet will be sent to them on class dojo.


Children will be carrying on their planning today of their newspaper report. Can they read through what they have written so far and check it makes sense, have they remembered capital letters, full stops and finger spaces?

Please send your final plan through class dojo for us to read.