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Week beginning 5.10.20

This week we are starting to research pirates. Have a look at these powerpoints and make some notes on your favourite pirate. 

Blackbeard Information

On Monday and Tuesday you will research lots of facts on these pirates. We will look at fact files and videos to gather our information. 

On Wednesday you will begin to make notes in your book using this checklist. 

On Thursday you will look at the features of a ship and how pirates lived life at sea. You will have a look at this powerpoint about life on board ship and then label the different parts of the ship ready for writing tomorrow. 

Life on board a pirate ship and then label a ship

On Friday you will be writing about the pirate ship. Making notes is all about using the important parts of information you have retrieved and missing out things that are not important. 


You will need a heading - Life on board a pirate ship 


Now you have all the information you can start to make notes. I can't wait to see what you write!