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Week beginning 5.10.20

This week in Creative Curriculum the children will be exploring compasses and to be able to use compass directions to describe features and routes on a map. 

Please have a look and follow the PowerPoint below that we will share with the children on Wednesdays lesson.



Below is a picture of a map, can you use North, East, South, West to locate different features on the map? For example, if I wanted to go to the leisure centre I would go east.
Below is a picture of our school, can you create a route from the car park to the big playground using North, South, East and West. Take a picture of your route and upload it to class dojo.


On Friday's lesson we will be using compasses to navigate our way around the playground. Can you navigate your way around your house or outside using North, South, East and West? Use the compass below to help you. If you can video yourself and upload it to class dojo.

Once you have had a go at navigating yourself around using North, East, South, West then please complete the sheet below on Class Dojo.