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Week beginning 4.1.21

We are going to start to look at the book Iron Man by Ted Hughes. 

Read the opening of the story aloud. 


Invite the children to respond to the opening of the story by posing questions such as what do you know? What kind of story do you think this might be? Who is the Iron Man? Or What might happen next?  

Read the opening of the story aloud until: ‘A few rocks tumbled with him. Then  Silence.’ 


Reread the opening, asking children to visualise the scene as you read. Ask children to sketch a picture to illustrate the opening of the story with the Iron Man on the cliff. 

Wednesday teaching video

Still image for this video


Look at the first page., we have provided you with the text for you to read. Follow the video and then have a go at performing the first part for yourself . 


Think about the drawing you did on Wednesday. What things did you put in it? A cliff? The sea? Iron Man all broken up?

Today we are going to write some questions about what we would like to know. What are you curious about?


Think about the first sentence… “Where does he come from? Nobody knows.”


Can you write a list of questions that you would like to find out about Iron Man so far?