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Week beginning 30.11.20

Monday - Handwriting

Today we will be practicing our short, tail and tall letters as a warm up and then we will be joining some of our high frequency words. Today we will practice: the, and, said, to. Please see the picture below of an example of the handwriting. A copy will be sent to you on class dojo for you to complete, if you do it on paper please upload a picture for us to see.

Tuesday - PE

Please have a go at the following link below that follows the winter dance lessons you have been doing whilst isolating last week. Send us a video or picture of you completing the lesson on class dojo.

Tuesday - Relax Yoga

As you are not in school to have your relax yoga session with Alison, please have a go at the relax yoga video below. Please upload a picture or video of you doing it onto class dojo for us to see.

Yoga relaxation for Cosmic Kids vol 1

Wednesday - Handwriting

Today as our warm up we will practice the joins below and then we will practice more of our high frequency words and how to join them. Today we will focus on: in, he, of, it, was. Please see the handwriting example below, this will be sent to you on class dojo for you to complete. If you do it on paper please upload a photo for us to see.

Wednesday - Creative Curriculum

Please follow the PowerPoint below where we will be recapping food groups and discussing our healthy meal we planned last week.

Recap with the children what an upper deck passenger was like on the Titanic and what sort of food we might serve them if we was in charge of food. Then you will be sent a plate template, on class dojo, to design a meal for your upper deck passenger which includes a healthy salad, try and make your meal a balanced meal.

Thursday - RE

What was Jesus teaching through His actions?

How can showing love to people save/rescue them?

Draw out that Jesus came to teach everybody to love one another and be kind to each other and in this way the world would become a better place. ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ (Mark 12:28-31). Christians believe God gave Jesus to the world to save/rescue it. Children finish the sentence using the sentence starter: 'Christians believe God gave Jesus to the world so that...'

Friday - Handwriting

For our warm up we will be practicing joining two letters together, see the example below. Then we will practice more of our high frequency words. A sheet will be sent to you on class dojo, if you do your work on paper please send a picture of it for us to see.

Friday - Creative Curriculum

Today at school the children will be making their own salad, if you are able to do this at home then please have a go with a focus on using simple tools to chop, peel and grate foods e.g carrots, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce. Before making the salad please use the PowerPoint below to discuss food hygiene, food and health. An activity for the children to complete will be sent on class dojo to complete and send back to us. During your preparation for your salad you can send videos or pictures for us to see on class dojo. Enjoy making a salad for your upper deck passenger.

Friday - PSHE

Sing song 'Playground Blues'. What thoughts did you have as you were singing the song? Do we/could we have a playground rescue or playground helper team? What might their job be?

Ask the children to think about and share a time when they felt lonely in the playground and what happened. Ask them to think about what they might/could do to help if they saw someone who was alone or looked sad in the playground.