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Week beginning 23.11.20

This week your story to focus on will be Grandma Bird by Benji Davies. You may remember we read his book called Storm Whale. 

Monday - Today's skill is prediction 


Look at the front cover of the book. Can you answer these questions?


  1. Who are the people in the picture?
  2. Where are they?
  3. What do you think is going to happen in the story?


Tuesday - Today you can enjoy the story! Please watch the video below. 

#BenjiDaviesReads... Grandma Bird

Wednesday - Today's skill is vocabulary


The children will be going through the story and finding interesting phrases and words... such as these. 

Grandma lived on a tiny rock where the wind cut in and the grass grew sideways.

Grandma boiled seaweed for soup and kept her teeth in a jar.

Slept ‘top to tail’.

Grandma snored like a walrus.

Spotted something shimmering across the sand.

Rock is described as a castle, a tall ship, a smugglers den, barnacled back of a whale.

A sail came cutting across the sea.

Grandma scooped him up.

House full of chatter.


Can you then answer these questions?


1. Look at the picture. What does sleeping top to tail mean? 

2. Noi spotted something shimmering across the sand. Can you think of another word for shimmering

3. The house was full of chatter . What does chatter mean? 



Thursday - Today's skill is retrieval and inference. 

Think about Grandma... what do we already know about her. How do we know that?


Character Study of Grandma:

Draw and describe Grandma at the beginning of the story based on quotes from the text.

I know………..

I can guess (infer)…………………..

I would like to know………………………. 


Friday - Today's skill is inference. 

Lots of talking today about how Noi and Grandma's relationship changes in the story. Try and answer these questions. 


1. How does Grandma behave at the beginning of the story?


 2. How does Noi fell about his Grandma at the end of the story?

      How have things changed?


3. What is different at the end of the story?


4. Why is it different? What has changed?