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Week beginning 23.11.20

Monday - Handwriting 

Today we are looking at the letters that we do not join, please have a go at writing them below. We do not join capital letters and we do not join g, j and y.

Handwriting 23.11.20

Still image for this video

Tuesday- PE

For our winter dance PE lesson today we would like you to listen to the link below and follow the movements they ask you to do. Get an adult to take a picture or video of you joining in and send it to us on class dojo

Tuesday- Yoga

Please follow the video below and get your adult to take a picture or video and upload it to class dojo for us to see.

Norris the Baby Seahorse | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Wednesday - Handwriting

Today we are looking at our short, tall and tail letters. Can you have a practice of the following letters below using the handwriting lines correctly.


Handwriting 25.11.20

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History- Design a ticket for the Titanic 

Below are some designs of the tickets people had to have to get on board the Titanic. Can you see all the important information it needs?

  • Time
  • Place (leaving from and going to)
  • Which class you are in.


Can you design your own ticket for the Titanic? You can be in any class you like. Design it on your own paper and upload a picture. You could even make it look old if you wanted to by staining it with some tea bags (ask your grown- ups to help).