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Week beginning 22.3.21


Today the children will be sequencing The Princess and The White Bear King story, we will be encouraging children to step the story out verbally and then to story map the story on a piece of paper using pictures.



The children will be focusing on adjectives today and describing the different people, objects and surroundings that are in the final picture of the book. For example, they will have a subheading for all the different things in the picture and write adjectives underneath to describe them. The picture from the book will be sent to you on Class Dojo. 


The Musicians

  • Brightly coloured clothes
  • Tall pointy hats



The children will be planning a piece of writing based on the picture they described yesterday. The children will be sent on Class Dojo a planning sheet to help them structure their writing. 



Today the children will need to turn their planning sheet into a good piece of writing and they need to do this independently. The children will be encouraged to use capital letters, full stops and adjectives. They should use their planning sheet and their adjectives from Tuesdays lesson. 



The children will be sent a piece of writing that they need to edit, it will be based on their work from yesterday. We will be focusing on correcting capital letters, full stops and spellings.