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Week beginning 2.11.20

This week we will spend lots of our time researching and learning about the story of the Titanic. 



Introduce the children to the story of the Titanic.

Watch this lego version of the story. 


Children to discuss what happened and share ideas with an adult. Can they come up with a list of questions they would like to find out about the Titanic? Post your questions on dojo. 



Chidlren to watch the lego version of the story again.


Children to complete the comprehension questions on this powerpoint. 




Recap the story, you could watch the lego video again if you need to. 

Children to 'step out' the story. This could be acting it out. Remember it is important to include the key facts about what happened. 

You could upload a video of you stepping out the story on to dojo. 




Today you will use your acting skills from yesterday to create a story map of the journey the Titanic made. Include any key words or dates on your story map to help you remember. 




Today will be based on dictionary work. If you have not got a dictionary at home you could use this link to an online one. 


Look through the powerpoint on how to use a dictionary. Using the sheet we will upload to dojo can you find 5 words that you have learnt about in your Titanic research and then find the definition in the dictionary.