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Week beginning 19.10.20

Halloween Poetry 


Explain to the children that today we will be looking at a different form of poetry. Remember the Owl and the Pussycat was a poem.


Have a look at the powerpoint of different acrostic poems and see which ones are your favourite.


This week we will be having a go at our own acrostic poems.

What do we need to include? – we will need to use some interesting vocabulary to make the poem exciting.


Use the sheet sent to you today to create a list of interesting words you could use in your poem. Use the pictures as inspiration! 


Have a look back at your pictures from yesterday to remind you of the wonderful words you came up with. 


Look at the power point about Halloween traditions to get some ideas for today. 


Use the senses grid sent by your teacher– discuss senses with your grown up, remember it is see, hear, smell, taste and touch –


Is there anything initially they think they could record e.g.  You could see trick or treaters.


What can you hear? Knocking on the door... spooky noises...

What can you feel? Soft costumes, round bumpy pumpkins.

What could you smell? – pumpkins, sweets


Fill in your senses sheet. 



Recap some of the interesting vocabulary from last lesson. How could we use this to make lines for the poem? Discuss how we need to make sentences.


Emphasise the first word of the line needs to relate to the letter.


Have a look at the sheet you have been sent and fill in your poem. 



H hairy spiders crawling up the wall.


O orange pumpkins burning in the windows.


Try to extend your sentences by adding description. 




Today will be your editing session. 


Focus on handwriting, spelling on key ‘topic’ words like spider, pumpkin and so on. Have you used finger spaces? 



Today you will publish your work. It is really important that we do this really neatly, you will be able to bring it in for our display! 


Write your work up beautifully using all your corrections from yesterday.


Well done for your hard work this week!