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Week beginning 16.11.20

Lost and Found

Mrs. Curry reading Lost and Found

Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers I Read Aloud


You are going to look at the book Lost and Found.

A video of Mrs Curry reading the story can be found above or you could watch the story on the link above.

We will look at Vocabulary today. You may need an adult to help you .

Can you identify the character who was uninvited?

Who outstayed their welcome?

Who realised something?

Who discovered something?

Write the answers in your book and upload a photo to dojo.



Watch the video of Mrs Curry reading the story Lost and Found or watch it on the link provided and then answer the following questions either in your book or as a message on class dojo.

  • Who was your favourite character?
  • Why do you think the boy didn’t want the penguin in his house to begin with?
  • Why did the boy go to the lost and found place?
  • How do you think the penguin felt?
  • Can you think of some different words that mean the same as sad?


Watch the video of Mrs Curry reading the book again or watch it on the link 

Choose one of these pages below to read and act out – like we do for readers theatre. Remember to put emphasis on to the words that you think are important. Get your adult to video you and upload it to class dojo.  


This is your read and relax session, we would like you to read your favourite book in a cosy spot and get an adult to take a photo of you and upload it to class dojo.



Watch the video again of Mrs Curry reading lost and found on the class page.


Listen to when Mrs Curry says,

‘When they thought the sea could not be any more angry, waves came that were as big as mountains and it looked certain their boat would be washed away.’

What words did Mrs Curry emphasise? She uses these words to create expression when reading.

Watch the video again and list any words that Mrs Curry expresses when she is reading. When Mrs Curry emphasises a word, she may change her voice, it might get louder or softer.