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Week beginning 16.11.20


We have been looking at newspaper reports last week and this week we will start to write one of our own.

Think about everything you have learnt about the Titanic. We will now plan out our newspaper article as if we were there reporting on it. Using the key vocabulary below to help us.

This plan should take you two days, so do half today and half tomorrow. It is best to get as many important facts down as you can remember, it will make writing your newspaper report a lot easier. Our plan will be given to you on class dojo for you to follow and help you.


Today you will finish your plan from yesterday, if you need any help with it send it to your teacher on class dojo.



Today you will start to write your 1st draft of your newspaper report. Have a look at the questions below and see if you have answered them in your plan. Then you will be sent a newspaper report template which you can either print it and write on it, write it on class dojo or write the newspaper report in your book and upload it to class dojo for us to see. Use your plan to help you write your sentences, don't worry if you make any mistakes it is important for you to get as much information down as you can. We cannot wait to read them.

Year 2 English - 18/11/20

Mrs Brooks has shown you how to turn your plan into sentences to help you write your newspaper report.


Please use this session to finish your 1st draft that you started yesterday and if you have finished please go through and see if you can spot any of these you might have missed.

English Home learning video

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Today we want you to edit your newspaper report, please have a look at one of your teachers on class dojo showing you how to edit your newspaper report. Once you have edited your work then you could write up a neat copy of your newspaper report that we could use for our display when we get back to school. Please send your final copies to your teacher on class dojo, we cannot wait to read them.