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week beginning 16.11.20

Monday- Handwriting

On class dojo is a video of Mrs Brooks showing you the handwriting for today, we would like you to practice this using the handwriting lines. There is a picture of the handwriting lines below if you are able to print this out or this will be sent to you on class dojo. However, you can also use your book and upload a picture of it to us on class dojo.

Handwriting 16.11.20

Still image for this video

Tuesday- PE

For our winter dance PE lesson today we would like you to listen to the link below and follow the movements they ask you to do. Get an adult to take a picture or video of you joining in and send it to us on class dojo.

Tuesday- Relax Yoga

Please follow the video below and get your adult to take a picture or video and upload it to class dojo for us to see.

Yoga relaxation for Cosmic Kids

Wednesday- DT

Today we are learning about a balanced diet and different food groups.

Food can be put into different groups. Do you know any of the main 5 groups? Have a look at this video about food groups: 


In order to have a balanced diet, we need a bit of all the food groups. Have a look at the food pyramid below and see what ratio foods should be consumed. The stuff at the top we should have least of and more of the food at the bottom of the pyramid.


Follow the PowerPoint below to see what different foods belong to the different food groups. Then design a balanced plate of food to eat so that we have something from each food group, a food plate template will be sent to you on class dojo for you to complete.

Thursday- RE

Today we are looking at the Christmas story, please follow the PowerPoint below and share the story with an adult. Can you summarise the story for them and tell them what happened in your own words? Maybe use sequencing Suki to help you. Also can you tell us what your favourite part about the story was?

Thursday- Music

In today's lesson you would normally have Ollie with the Ukuleles at school but instead Ollie has made a video for you with an activity.

Music with Ollie

Still image for this video

Friday- DT

Today we will be using our knowledge of food groups and a balanced diet to help us make a healthy Titanic menu for the upper deck (First class).

Look at the Titanic menu for the First, Second and Third class and discuss what foods you know with an adult and what foods you do not know, what do you think they were?


Then after you have discussed the different foods can you create your own menu for the Titanic making sure it is a nice, healthy balanced menu. Please use the template provided to you on class dojo. Remember you could use your healthy plate from Wednesday to help you.

Titanic menus