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Week beginning 1.2.21

You are going to start a new book in Shared Reading this week. You will be reading Sheep Pig by Dick King - Smith. 

Monday - prediction 

Look at the front cover of the book. We are going to make predictions from what we can see and what we might already know. Also we will look at the title ‘The Sheep Pig’.

Write 3 separate predictions about the story of The Sheep Pig.

  • Predict what the story will be about.
  • Predict where the setting will be.
  • Predict what type of character the pig will be.

Tuesday - Retrieval 


Home learning video part 1

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Home learning video part 2

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Wednesday - Vocabulary 

Read page 4 from the chapter 1, The Sheep Pig.

  1. Which 2 adjectives describe brown faced man? (page 4)



  1. Find and copy one word tells you how the Farmer Hogget picks up the pig. (page 4)



  1. Find and copy one word which means the same as screwing up your face (top of page 4)


  1. Which phrase tells you the pig hardly moved when Farmer Hogget picked him up? (close to the bottom of page 4)



Home learning video

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Thursday - Sequencing 

Read page 5 and 6 from chapter 1, The Sheep Pig.

Number these sentences in the order they happen. I have done the first one for you.


Mr Hogget took a ten pence piece from his pocket.



Mr Hogget walked back across the green.



Mr Hogget says ‘He never wins nothing’.              



Farmer Hogget put the piglet back in the pen.



They will weigh the pig at half past 4.


  • Finally have a go at an Inference Iggy question – Hunt for clues.

Do you think Mr Hogget believes he can win the pig? Why?

Home learning video

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Friday - Summarise 

I have posted the video of the whole of chapter 1. We have already listened to it but I would like you to listen to it again.


A summary is a short version of what has been read. It could be used to explain to someone else what the chapter is about without actually reading the whole chapter.


When we begin to learn to write a summary, first we should answer some questions. Use the video to help you.


Who are the main characters? 




Where do they live?


The characters go somewhere for the day. Where do they go?


What happens when they get there?


What happens at the end of the chapter?


All of these sentences linked together will then turn into a short summary of chapter 1 so someone who has not read the chapter will know a bit about it, without reading the whole 6 pages.