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Week beginning 1.2.21

We are going to start looking at a new book this week called Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French. 

Monday - predicting 

Watch Miss Cavander talk through her thoughts of the front cover and the blurb. Then complete the questions on the sheet sent to you. 

Monday teaching video

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Tuesday - Inference 

Today you will take a walk through the book just looking at the pictures. I want you to think about what you have learnt about wombats just by looking at the pictures.

Tuesday teaching video

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Wednesday -

See if you can spot all of the cheeky things that the Wombat did. Now I want to hear about your favourite part. I would like at least 2 sentences with reasons for your answer. You can use the sentence starter… Remember to use because in your sentences! My favourite part of the story is …

Wednesday teaching video

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Watch Miss Cavander read the story again and talk about the vocabulary in the book. Write down the meaning of what Mothball is talking about when he says these things... 

1. Who is Mothball? 2. Dustbath – 3. Flat , hairy creature – 4. Wet things flapped against my nose – 5. Perfect scratching post -

Thursday teaching video

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Watch Miss Cavander’s video. We are going to think about how the family would be feeling today… How would you feel if Mothball kept destroying things? What would you do to change what he was doing? How would you help him?