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Week beginning 12.10.20

This week we are going to focus on writing our fact file of a pirate. Last week you researched life on board ship, Blackbeard and other famous pirates like Anne Bonny and Calico Jack. Follow the order of the Fact file to see how we will want it set out. I will upload our shared write from class onto the class page after every lesson. (around 10:30am) This will be for you to follow the structure. 


Remember to use the punctuation reminders at the bottom of this page for every lesson. 



Today you will write an Introduction to Pirates. This will need to be your heading. Remember that non fiction pieces will need headings and we will break that up this week.

Try not to make the introduction too specific. It is about pirates as a whole. What did they do? Were they scary? Where did they live? What time in history are they from?



Today you will write about Life on Board ship. This will be your heading. Tell me about the pirate ship, can you remember any parts of the ship? How was it to live on board? What did they eat?



Today you will write about Blackbeard. This will be your heading. Tell me about the facts that you can remember. What was his real name? What happened with his beard? How many wives did he have?



Today you will write about a pirate of your choice. So the heading is up to you! Tell me what you have found out about your chosen pirate. Have you used a conjunction today? (because, so, if, but) 



Today you will be editing. This is all about making changes to your work to improve it. Remember every author who has written a book has had to edit, and i've even had to edit as i've written this out! 

Have you missed any capital letters, full stops or finger spaces? Can you add any interesting vocabulary in to make the reader more excited? Have you made any spelling mistakes that you can correct? Try and write above them in a different colour so that I can see the difference. 


Well done you have completed your Pirate Fact File! I cannot wait to read it!