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Week beginning 12.10.20


In today's lesson we will be learning the difference between physical and human features. Below is a selection of pictures and I want you to sort them into what you think are man-made and non-man made. Take a picture of your work and upload it to class dojo.

After you have categorised your pictures I would like you to list any physical and human features you can see in this map of Chelmsley Wood below and upload it to class dojo. Remember that physical features are non-man-made objects like rivers, mountains and volcanoes, whereas man-made objects are known as human features such as houses, bridges and parks.


In today's lesson I want you to think about any human and physical features you listed on Wednesday. Now I want you to pretend you are a pirate and you are having to create a map to get to your treasure, however in your map you need to have some physical and human features, for example, houses, rivers, parks, mountain, shops, ocean. Please draw your map on a piece of paper and upload a picture of it to class dojo, I cannot wait to see what you have included. There is a pirate map below if you need any help.