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Wednesday 10th March

Here are the lessons and activities we are completing in school today. Remember to upload your work onto Class Dojo so we can see how hard you have been working. 
In today's Maths lesson, we are going to revisit our knowledge of 2D shapes. Use the power point and resources below to remind yourself of the names and properties of each different shape. 
Today's activity is to create your own set of Top Trumps cards based on what you know about 2D shapes. Use the blank template or create your own design. Make sure you include the name and picture of the shape at the top of each card and then include the different properties below. You might want to put the number of sides, corners or angles underneath. 

This week throughout all of our English lessons, we are going to focus on a series of dictation sentences. This involves the teacher reading out a number of sentences, slowly and clearly in order for you all to write the sentence out as best as you can. This is a fantastic way to ensure our listening skills are put into practise along with using the grammatical skills we have learnt in previous lessons. Through dictation, there will be a focus on spellings, punctuation and grammar.


Select a different sentence for today's English activity. Once it has been read out, go back and check through each word, punctuation and grammatical feature to see how you got on.

Wellbeing Wednesday
This afternoon, we are all working together to create a giant wellbeing display to go on the wall in the Phase 2 corridor. Using coloured pencils, pens, collage paper or whatever resources you have available to decorate the templates below. You can then send them back to school using class dojo so we can add them to our display. You might want to put on some relaxing music while you do this. 
Throughout the day, we will have lots of brain and motor breaks while we get used to being back in school again. You might want to have a go at some of the relaxing activities below in between completing your work today.