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WB: 21-3-21

Reception in Bloom

week 2




Each morning, we will choose a 'Wake and Shake' routine to help us to stay fit and healthy.

We will talk about how we feel after exercise and think of ways to cool ourselves own.




This week, we will care for the plants.

We will make sure that they have enough water and sunlight.


At Forest School, we will continue to

discover signs of


Tell Me a Story!

For our 'Shared Reading' session, our teacher will tell us a story

without a book.


The story will sound very familiar but some of the characters will be ne w (They may even be us!)


The ending will be very different too … When they climbed to the top of the beanstalk, the were so excited to see... I wonder what they saw?



We will then think about what we would wish to see at the top of the beanstalks that we planted.

We will then share our thoughts with a partner before writing down our wishes.




We will measure our beanstalks and compare our own beanstalks with others.

We will use bricks, rulers, measuring tapes...


We will use mathematical language to describe them.

Who has a tall beanstalk?

Who had a short beanstalk?

Who has the tallest one?

Find a beanstalk that is shorter than yours.