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WB:18-19-21 Giraffes Can't Dance!

This week, we will be exploring the story 'Giraffes Can't Dance'.



We will discuss how Gerald tried very hard

to 'stay positive' and 'aimed high'.

This helped him to achieve his target. 

Now, he CAN dance!



During circle time, we will introduce each of the four focused skills and support the children to identify a target for them to work towards.

In 'Phonics', we will be focusing on

the following letters:

Look at each grapheme card and listen to the phoneme!

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 We are learning to read the 'tricky word'


We will be practising to segment and blend all sounds taught so far, to read words!

Segmenting and Blending!

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At Forest School, we will explore another 'nocturnal' animal and share a story all about a hedgehog who searches for a home to hibernate.


We discuss Ned's journey on the map discuss our own journey to Forest School.



'Wonderful Workshops'

This week, we will be joining in with our 4th and final workshop for this half term.