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WB: 7-2-22 Rumble in the Jungle

This week, we will be exploring

a rhyming adventure book 

'Rumble in the Jungle'.


We will identify the words that rhyme and in pairs, think about other words that rhyme, to continue a rhyming string!

We will match descriptive words, captions and sentences to the correct animal.

In 'Phonics', we will be learning to read and spell longer words such as,

lemon, chicken, pocket...


We will use the 'chunking' method to help us to read longer words e.g.

lem/on - lemon     pock/et  - pocket


We will also learn to read compound (two words that when put together make a new word such as,


(car  park  - carpark)    (lap   top  - laptop)    (farm    yard   - farmyard)

'Wonderful Workshops'

This week, we will be joining in with our 4th and final workshop for this half term.