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WB - 31.01.22 Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is celebrated on Tuesday 1st February 2022. 


This year is the year of the Tiger

Here is a story about Chinese New Year that you can share at home:

We will also look at this story during our 'Share a Story' session this week, we will link this to our previous learning, when else would we see fireworks and why? What was the event(s)? 

We will be having a Chinese New Year party and tasting some of the 'lucky foods' shown below, such as, noodles, spring rolls, prawn crackers - we will talk about how they feel, smell and taste, have we tasted these things before? Do we like them?

We will be using a range of materials to create collage lanterns

Also, creating some Chinese lanterns to decorate Nursery, ready for our party!

We will have free access to the creation station to draw/ paint/ create our own tigers or animals from the Chinese New Year story

We will be doing a dragon dance in Gross Motor Time, using streamers and moving like some of the animals

Here is a song to help us to think of different ways we might move:

Chinese Dragon Dance for Children

We will open some paper fortune cookies to reveal a number and some chocolate chips, we need to count the chocolate chips inside the fortune cookie and see if we can find the correct cookie (with the same amount of chocolate chips) from the cookie jar! We might even then look for the numicon or other objects that may also represent this amount/number too