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WB: 28-3-22 The Water Princess

This half term, we have been learning about 'healthy habits' and how we can look after our own bodies.

We found out facts about water and how it helps us to stay hydrated and clean, inside and out! 

We took part in a 'water challenge'.

We drank plenty of water at school and our parents encouraged us, at home too!

This week, we will be learning how 'precious' water is.

We will share the story 'The Water Princess'.

The Water Princess is about a girl named Gie Gie who had to travel miles everyday just to have access to water. She had to wake up, before the sun rose, walk over 4 miles to get water and then spend the rest of the day walking back. Gie Gie and her mom wouldn't return until sun down.

This week, during our P.E session, we will 'walk a mile' in Gie Gie's shoes, to collect our water bottles.

1 mile = 4 laps of the

junior playground!

We will be learning about how we can work together to save water, in school and at home!

Save water



We will be using our 'phonic knowledge' to record what we can see!



'Wonderful Workshops'

This week, we will be joining in with our 4th and final workshop for this half term.