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WB - 25-01-21 Winter / Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty - Home Learning Pack

Monday 25th January 2021 - School Closure due to snow

As it is snowing and we have been learning about our season 'Winter' alongside our topics in nursery, I will upload a few 'Winter' related activities, but please take the time to have fun outdoors and enjoy exploring and learning more about snow and our weather this season - What does snow feel like? What can you create with it? Does it melt and why? Take a moment to "get your binoculars on" and look up at the sky - What colour is it? I would love for you to upload some of your snowy fun to the ClassDojo page to show us! Perhaps you can make a snow angel?

Thank you! 

Snow Man Freeze Song ⛄️ Freeze Dance ⛄️ Winter Song for Kids ⛄️ Brain Breaks by The Learning Station

Here is a 'Snowy' wake and shake for this morning!

Listen to this number song and then have a go at the counting activity. 

5 Little Snowmen Standing in a Row

How many winter objects can you count on each row? 

Here is a challenge! Could you also have a go at writing the numbers?

Can you design your own snowman and then have a go at building it? I would love to see any photographs of your creation on ClassDojo!

I hope you are warm and cosy - here is a story with Mrs Steward

Still image for this video
You could listen to it next to a crackling fire (on Youtube) to warm you up after a fun-filled snowy day! 

Fireplace 10 hours full HD

Tuesday 26th January 2021

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - You Are The Best (Dance-A-Long)

Today's wake and shake is one of my favourite one's, let's start this learning week on a positive - 'You are the Best' and we are!

Hi Nursery, I hope you had lots of fun in the snow!

Let's get ready for this week's topic, which I hope will be very fun for us all, it is one of Miss Povey's favourites - Humpty Dumpty!

Do you know it? Have a think about what you know already...Can you share this with me on ClassDojo? 

Here is the original 'Humpty Dumpty' rhyme, can you practise?

Meet my friend Humpty!

Still image for this video

CRIME SCENE!!!! Please help! Something terrible has happened! Can you help me to solve the mystery?

CRIME SCENE!!!! Please help!

Still image for this video

Recall - Can you think of our other nursery rhymes that we have learned so far? Who are our suspects and can you remember what they were doing? Do you think one of them could have hurt Humpty?

Phonics - As you are the detectives, can you make a telephone call to tell somebody about the Humpty Dumpty mystery and say what 'Humpty' and 'Dumpty' begin with? What else starts with these two sounds? E.g, "Hello" - Can you hear that 'Hello' and 'Humpty' begin with the same sound in your telephone call? Perhaps you have some friends or some objects around you that start with the same sounds too? 

Can you very carefully cut out these broken Humpty Dumpty's and match them back together to the correct numeral? Maybe you could the have a go at representing the numeral at home, for example, finding 3 objects to match to the number 3 or practising writing these numbers?

Story Time - The Scarecrow's Wedding

Still image for this video
Wednesday 27th January 2021

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 2 | The Body Coach TV

Let's start Wednesday with a Joe Wicks workout!

Humpty Dumpty | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Have a little recap of our rhyme - Humpty Dumpty

Following on from the 'Humpty Dumpty' crime yesterday, I wondered if you could put the events from Humpty Dumpty in the correct order to see if we have any more clues what may have happened! Remember to let me know on ClassDojo what you think or discover as detectives!

Can you follow the pattern marks very carefully to decorate Humpty?

How many of each of the nursery rhyme characters can you spy? Can you have a go at writing the number in each box?

Here is some number formation to help you

Do you think you can build Humpty another wall to sit on to make him feel a bit better? What will you use? You can use anything you wish from around you; wooden blocks, lego, cereal boxes and junk modelling? Please show me your creations on ClassDojo!

After all of that hard work, it is time for a story! Here is Mr Nally reading 'Kipper.'

Still image for this video
Thursday 28th January 2021

CBeebies | NEW Club Dance | The Let's Go Club

Join in and practice the club dance! watch more clips from The Let's Go Club on CBeebies YouTube click...

Phonics - Can you clap a beat to Humpty Dumpty? Try clapping your many syllables/beats can you hear?

Can you design and create your own Humpty Dumpty?

Miss Whiston showing us her Humpty Dumpty creation! Can you share yours on ClassDojo?

Still image for this video

Can you describe where Humpty Dumpty is?

Here is a simple cake recipe if you would like to see how the eggs can be used and changed in baking! What do they look like before and after? Enjoy!

Snuggle up and enjoy a story

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Friday 29th January 2021

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - All I Eat Is Pizza (Dance-A-Long)

Happy 'Fantastic Friday!' Wake yourselves up today with another one of our favourite 'Wake and Shakes' in nursery!

Here are some logos that may be familiar to you, watch the powerpoint and see which ones you recognise, can you tell me on ClassDojo? Perhaps you could have a hunt around your home or environment around you for other logos that you know?

Still image for this video

How do you think Humpty Dumpty felt when he fell off the wall? What would you do or say to make him feel better? Would you help him? What makes you feel sad or happy?

Even though as a class we have decided that Humpty Dumpty fell by accident, it is very important to remember that we always use our kind hands and kind words. Also, if you ever need to talk about anything there are lots of people around you with their 'listening ears' on - please share your feelings or problems so that they can be solved!

Can you count the Humpty Dumpty’s on the wall? How many are there? What if one fell off…how many would be left?

Humpty Dumpty Nursery Rhyme - 3D Animation English Rhymes for children

Here is a song for this activity

The "REAL" story of Humpty Dumpty - Funny alternative to the original nursery rhyme

Here is an alternative to Humpty Dumpty's rhyme:

Next, you could then try this experiment and see if you can make your own hard-boiled Humpty and explore the changes that Humpty has been through... Test your egg out afterwards and see what happens when it 'falls off the wall' - Can you tell me on ClassDojo? Does it still break?

Well done for all of your hard work again this week! Enjoy Story time with Miss Whiston - 'Where's Spot?' Have a lovely weekend!

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