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WB 22.02.21 The Gingerbread Man

Home Learning Pack - The Gingerbread Man

Friday 26th February 2021

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes with Lyrics ♫ Kids Learning Songs ♫ Camp Song & Brain Breaks for Kids

5 Gingerbread Men | Song Lyrics Video

Can you put the gingerbread men in the correct order?

Alliteration Hunt!


Go on a letter sound hunt! Look around at home or in an outside area and find things beginning with the same letter sound.

I thought we could end the week with a little board game to enjoy (which is also a great learning opportunity; for maths, turn-taking, communication, etc!)
Here is the board game, rules, counters; everything is printable! If you do not have a printer then please feel free to enjoy another board game that you have at home or just a simple listening game, such as ‘Simon Says’ or ‘Hide & Seek’. Upload any learning to ClassDojo if you can but most of all, please have fun!

Here is a die to make...

You can cut out the board and stick them together, as it in two pieces. Board games are great fun! - We hope you enjoy some time together playing this!

Here is the recipe to bake some gingerbread people, that you could make to eat while you play the game! You might use your design to help you! How many buttons will you give them?

Story Time - The Magic Porridge Pot

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Thursday 25th February 2021

Gingerbread Relaxation | Mindfulness with Bari Koral

From the best selling relaxation album for kids: "Relax and Be Happy": Mindfulness for Children (and parents and teachers) by Bari Koral and Paul Avgerinos. ...

Can you cut in different ways following the lines?

Can you use a pencil now to follow the pattern marks? Perhaps, you could mark make in another way too?

Can you count how many buttons each gingerbread man has and match it to the correct number on the baking tray?

Here is a gingerbread van…can you draw a line to the objects that rhyme with 'van'? e.g. van and man, etc. Discuss the pictures that do not rhyme with van, why not? What would they rhyme with?

The Gingerbread Man - Books Alive!

Books Alive reads aloud a good old classic folk tale about a a baker and his wife who bake their own little gingerbread boy only for the gingerbread boy to s...

Wednesday 24th February 2021

Gingerbread Man: Yoga Version from the album "Anna and the Cupcakes"

Run as fast as you can + do some yoga with the gingerbread man! Afterwards we cool back down with some relaxation breaths. From Bari's Anna and the Cupcakes...

Here is a gingerbread man…

Here are some 2D shapes…. (Some we may not have learnt properly yet – only when we have come across them, so see if you can challenge yourself and what you already know! – We will be looking at these a little more when we are back in nursery!) Can you describe the shapes that you do know? Use the shapes to cut out and recreate the gingerbread men on the next page, or have a go at drawing them. What shapes do you see and what do they represent on the gingerbread man?

How many shapes can you count on each gingerbread man? Do they have the same or do some have more/fewer?

An alternative song for the gingerbread man, to the beat of another nursery rhyme. See if you know which beat it is? Can you follow the new words? See if you can tap out a beat.

Can you write the number to show how many buttons that each gingerbread man has in their tens frame? Who has the most? Which one has the fewest?

Phonics Activity

Story Time - The Tiger Who Came to Tea

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Tuesday 23rd February 2021
We hope you have had a very lovely half-term break and we cannot wait to welcome you back to school in a couple of weeks!!! 

Today's Wake and Shake: Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze | Rhyming Words for Kids | Exercise Song

Our rhyme for this week is ‘The Gingerbread Man.’

Can you spot the ‘rhyming words?’ These are the words that sound the same.

Here is the story:

Do you recognise and understand the number 0? Show me on your hands how many 0 is…

How many buttons does this gingerbread man have? Can you point to the numeral?

0 comes before the number 1 on a number line, it is when you have none or there are none left!

Watch this song to help you:

Let's Count up to Ten - Counting Song

 Can you design your own gingerbread man using anything from around you; pens, pencils… sweets? - This could be your plan, ready to make a real one later in the week! What would you like to use? How will he feel? Maybe you could show his expression! – Happy, Sad, Scared, Excited? How do you feel today?

Can you recall who the main characters were?

What happens in the beginning?

Was the gingerbread man kind to his friends?

What happens in the end?

Is there anything you notice, such as what the fox did? Would you trust him?

Put the gingerbread men in size order, which is biggest/smallest?

A Squash and a Squeeze

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