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WB - 21.03.22 - Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Old MacDonald had a farm | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes

We will be selecting our own resources from the craft trolley to draw and create our favourite farm animals

We will be washing the muddy animals!

We will be sorting the animals, where might we see a range of different animals?

We will explore using a range of blocks and resources to make enclosures for the farm animals to keep them safe

We will be listening to animal sounds, which animal makes each sound?

We will explore real life farm images and observe what the animals look like in real life...have any of us been to the farm? We will share our experiences and have some talk time to find out more

We will discuss animals and their young and then look at our baby pictures too...

...I wonder if we still look the same now? How have we changed? We will use the mirrors to answer these questions. Do you think we will continue to change as we grow older and older?

As part of our share a story session this week and to celebrate World Poetry Day, we will be sharing 'Cats Sleep Anywhere,' we will see if we can spot the rhyming words