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WB: 20-9-21 - The Colour Monster

This week, we will be exploring the story 'The Colour Monster'.


We will explore and discuss a range photographs.


How do they feel?

Why do you think she feels happy?

What makes you feel happy?

What makes you feel excited?

Who could help you, if you felt sad?


We will introduce our 'Bucket Numbers' display.

We will discuss the feelings that each number represents.


Each day, the children will place their name card next to the bucket number that represents their own feelings. The children will have the opportunity to share their own feelings. If a child chooses a low number such as, 1 or 2, staff will support and try to solve any worries.

We will use paint to create our own a monster that represents our feelings!


In 'Phonics', we will be focusing on

the following letters:

Look at each grapheme card and listen to the phoneme!

Still image for this video

We will begin our weekly 'Forest School' sessions!


Our 'Forest School Leaders' will teach us the Forest School rules that will help us to stay safe whilst explore Windy Arbor's natural environment.

They will also teach us the 'Forest School Chant'.

 We will sing this each week! 

In our math's sessions, we will explore 'sorting' a range of objects by colour, shape and size.