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WB - 17.1.22 Incy Wincy Spider

This week we are exploring the nursery rhyme


'Incy Wincy Spider'


Incy Wincy Spider

Here is the rhyme to share with your child

We will use tweezers to see how many spiders we can get from the web and match it to the correct numicon piece

In 'Gross Motor Time' we will explore the climbing apparatus and move like a spider; high and low and then find our own web to catch flies ... I wonder how many we will get!

We will look at real spiders to find out some spider facts; for example, how many legs they have, then we will create our own paper plate spiders by choosing a number and seeing if we can give our spider that many legs. We will also find out a little more about spiders' webs, such as what they are for and what spiders catch in them and why.

We will share the story of 'The Very Busy Spider' by Eric Carle

We will close our eyes and listen very carefully to lots of different 'water' sounds, such as; the rain, a waterfall, a washing machine, a toilet flushing, a tap, the sea etc. 


We will add some of these sounds to our rhyme.


Our favourite sound so far is the waterfall: 


Next, we will make and decorate our very own rainmaker instrument - selecting our own resources and filling them with rice or seeds using funnels. 

We will compare which make the quietest and loudest sounds