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WB: 15-3-21

A Fresh Start

Reception in Bloom

This week in Reception, we will be transforming our outdoor area!

We will learn about planting seeds, bulbs, flowers and herbs. We will find out about how we can look after them and the important things they will need, to help them grow.


We will share the story about 'Jasper's Beanstalk' and make observations of the beans that we have planted.

We will discuss the changes that we have observed and write them.


We will make links with our previous learning.


We will explore questions and talk about...

Who else planted a bean?

How tall do you think our beanstalk will grow?

What would you like to find at the top of your beanstalk..?


In phonics, we will be consolidating 'phase 3' sounds.

We will practise 'blending and segmenting' when reading words, captions and sentences.


We will use 'magic beans' to help us when we are counting, adding, subtracting and

adding two groups together!