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WB: 13-9-2021 - Settling in to School

This week, we will be exploring the story 'Going to School'.




Each morning we will join in with a 'Wake and Shake' song and physical routine.

We will introduce 'Jigsaw Jenni'.  


We will be sharing our experiences of starting school during our 'Jigsaw' session.

Who brings us to school?

How do we travel to school?

How do we feel about starting school?

Who are our new friends?

What is the best thing about starting school?

What would we like to learn at school?

We will be discussing and learning to follow our

 school rules!

We will follow our daily timetable and become familiar with our daily routines.

We will create our own marks using a

range of tools and media.

Our teachers will encourage us to talk about our marks!

We will be learning to recognise and copy the

letters in our own name.


We will sing lots of different counting rhymes!

We are learning to:

  • say number names in order
  • point to each object when counting
  • recognise that the total has changed

In P.E, we will stretch and warm up our bodies ready for our active session. 

 'Sleeping Children'.

We need to stay very still and quiet!

When our teacher wakes us up, we will follow the instructions

and move our bodies in different ways.

We will: