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WB - 1.11.21 - Bonfire Night

This week in Nursery, we will be learning about Bonfire Night and why we celebrate it. 

We will watch a simple 'show' performed by our teachers about Bonfire Night to help us to understand

We will be singing the number rhyme, '5 Little Rockets Standing in a Row'

We will be practising our pattern marks in the large tuff tray, using chunky chalks and lying on our tummies

We will be using cardboard tubes and cotton buds to create our own firework pictures

We will look at a video of fireworks and predict what sounds we think we may hear before we explore noises such as, 'whoosh!' 'Crackle!' 'Bang!' 'Pop!' 'Crash!' We can experiment making these sounds using musical instruments. 

Synchronized Fireworks Show - 4 [FWSIM]

We will explore 'dancing like a firework' during Gross Motor Time

We will talk about what we wear as the season gets colder and discuss how to stay safe during 'Bonfire' celebrations

We will use junk modelling to create our own rockets, can you make a rocket at home? Talk about what shapes you might use or you can see on the pictures

Happy Bonfire Night


Stay Safe!