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WB - 11.10.2021 Peace at Last

This week we will be sharing the story 'Peace at Last'

Peace at Last

Here is the story for you to enjoy at home too if you do not have this story.

What sounds can you hear in this story?


What do you think is making the sounds? 



This week we will begin learning about our senses. We will explore a range of textures during creative activities and will discuss what we feel, e.g. Is it hard or soft, smooth or bumpy?

We will be exploring all of the different sounds that we can hear in our environment during our phonics sessions … what could they be? Is it a loud sound or a quiet sound?


You could continue this at home or when you are walking to places using your 'listening ears,' what will you hear? 

We will be talking about who lives in our home and doing some fun activities around this...

Feel free to print this off and use it to draw your family members or any pets that live with you

Our homes don't always look the same, what does your home look like? Can you talk about it?

Zumba Kids (easy dance) - I like to move it

During 'Wake and Shake' we have been enjoying this song.

In our gross motor sessions this week we will be moving our bodies in different ways, and playing some stop/start games.