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WB 08.03.21 Well-Being & Growing Together

Welcome back to Nursery!


This week in nursery we will be focusing on settling the children back in to our nursery routine, we will talk lots about how we feel and link our emotions to the 'The Colour Monster' story that we read. 



We will also be reading the story 'The Invisible String' and talking about what we think it means and who our 'Invisible Strings' connect us to. 
We are going to draw who our invisible string is for in the heart below, and talk about love connecting us all of the time, even when we are not together. 
We will be doing lots of growing and planting, talking about new life and Spring and how to look after our outdoor environment. We will be adding herbs to the green house to use in our 'cooking' in the mud kitchen and for tasting activities. As well as plants, we will also be planting vegetables in our nursery vegetable patch, ready to pick when they are ready! 
Can you go on a walk and see what plants or signs of Spring that you can see around you?