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WB - 08-02-21 Old MacDonald Had a Farm / Chinese New Year

Old MacDonald Had a Farm Home Learning Pack

Monday 8th February 2021
Happy Monday - We hope you had a lovely weekend! Here is today's 'Wake and Shake.' 

Cosmic Kids Yoga Disco | Bunny Bounce!

This week we are learning 'Old MacDonald had a Farm' here is the song and the lyrics for you to listen to and join in! Think about what animals are on the farm and the noises that they make. 

Old MacDonald had a farm | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes

Suitable for teaching 0-5s. An animated and subtitled version of the popular nursery rhyme, 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm'.

Can you design your own farm? Which animals will you cut out and stick on your farm? Think about the sounds they would make in the rhyme.

Phonics Activity

Maths - Can you count how many animals are on each row and have a go at writing the correct number in the circle?

Story Time with Miss Whiston - following on from Children's Mental Health Week last week, this story is about being brave...can you think of a time that you have been brave?

Still image for this video
'Be Brave Like Batman'
Tuesday 9th February 2021
Next Tuesday is one of Miss Povey's favourite days...Pancake Day! We aren't in school for 'Pancake Day' this year, but it is never too early to start practising some moves ready for the day! This is one of my favourite 'Wake and Shakes' so I could not miss the opportunity to share it with you - Enjoy! 

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - I Like Pancakes (Dance-A-Long)

Can you follow the pattern marks? I wonder if you could use some pattern marks to create your own animal? Remember you can print this sheet off from our class page on the school website if you wish (The Home Learning Pack listed at the top).

Can you sequence the rhyme to match the ‘Old MacDonald’ song that we practised yesterday? Can you remember the order?

Cut out the shapes and help to ‘fix the farm!’ What shapes do you see? Can you describe them as you fit them into the correct place?

Phonics Activity

Story Time with Mrs Steward

Still image for this video
Wednesday 10th February 2021

Singing Hands: Old MacDonald had a Farm - Makaton Sign Language

Makaton signing: Sing and sign along with us down at the farm!

How creative can you be? What will you make?

Animal Facts – Shared Reading : With the help of your grown up, have a little read together of these animal facts. See what you can remember by answering the questions on the next page.

Can you write the number 3? Maybe, you can find 3 objects from around your home to represent number 3 too?

Phonics Challenge!

Albert Le Blanc

Join Mrs Curry for a lovely story!

Thursday 11th February 2021

Good Morning, Farm Animals! 🐷

Join farmer Alyssa as we meet the friendly farm animals! Learn animal sounds and dance along with Bounce Patrol in this fun kids song. Can you dig like a dog...

Old MacDonald Had A Farm | Nursery Rhymes | Super Simple Songs

Following yesterday’s shared reading session, we disovered where milk and eggs come from…Can you remember? The answer is on the picture for you to check if you were correct! Can you think of anything else?

Did you get it right? Did you remember where we get milk from? Would you like to make a milkshake?

Milk is a dairy product, which are very good for helping to build strong teeth and bones! Here is a poster for you to decorate! What other dairy products can you spot?

Do you know where any of these other foods come from?

Can you practise writing the number 4? Can you get me 4 objects?

Can you remember the rhyme? Could you teach it to somebody if they did not know it? What animals would you choose to put on your farm and what animal sounds do they make?

Tomorrow (Friday 12th February 2021) is Chinese New Year. Can you have a think about what you already know about this celebration. Perhaps you could ask your family what they already know or do some research if you can get access to the internet. Can you draw me a picture of something you discover about Chinese New Year, perhaps you could begin using your initial sounds to represent what you have drawn?

Miss Whiston reading Little Red Riding Hood

Still image for this video
Friday 12th February 2021

PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 12th Feb


What did you find out about Chinese New Year? 

CBeebies | Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) | Zodiac Story

Learn how the Zodiac years were named by the Jade Emperor.Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games and videos for your pre...

Chinese New Year is the festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. The first day of Chinese New Year begins on the new moon, and represents the end of winter and the beginning of the spring season.

Each Chinese New Year a new animal represents the year. This year is the year of the Ox. Look at all of those animals on the picture below! As we are also learning about ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’ this week, I wondered if you could tell me if any of these animals would live on a farm? Where do the other animals live?

If you have any noodles, spring rolls or prawn crackers at home, then join in with our ‘Chinese New Year’ taste testing. Tell us what you liked and did not like, can you explain why? What did each of them taste like – can you describe them?

You could have a go at making your own fortune cookies using these picture instructions:

Can you cut the strips out very carefully and make a Chinese New Year paper chain?

Using paper plates, can you create and decorate a Chinese Paper Drum?

Can you form the number 5? Can you go on a hunt for 5 objects?

Chinese New Year Song for Kids | Chinese Dragon Dance for Children | Chinese New Year for Kids

The Kiboomers! Chinese New Year song for kids.

Have a wonderful half term break and thank you all so much for your hard work this half-term! Have a little rest! We will see you very soon and we all very proud!