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WB - 07.03.22 & WB - 14.03.22 - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

This week we are learning the Nursery Rhyme;


'Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star'



We will be looking at changing the words to the rhyme:



Exploring a new number each many stars are in the jars? 





Can we find other concrete objects to represent the same amount? 



We will be sharing the story,



We will consider:



We will explore creating rockets using junk modelling and 'flying to the moon!'




We will be creating our own magical wands using our creative impulses and imagination




For phonics, we continue to sound out words and model blending...e.g, "Can you point to the m-oo-n?"


We will be exploring objects that sink and float in our water tray



and using torches to experiment with materials that allow light to shine through and materials that do not allow the light through in our dark den





Right, let's get our 'moon boots' on...where are we off to and what will we need? Can we build our own vehicle to travel in? How would we move if we ended up in space? We had better make sure we have packed enough food and drinks for our travels!

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