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WB - 05.01.22 & 10.01.22 Five Little Snowmen

Welcome back to Nursery!


We hope you have had a lovely break and we will spend some time sharing your news all about what you have been up to and your favourite moments from your holidays. 

Together, we will think of questions to ask each other to find out more and begin to understand that a question needs an answer.


Then, we will introduce our fun and exciting topic...


'5 Little Snowmen'

5 Little Snowmen Standing in a Row

We will be using blocks to see if we can continue the 2-part patterns on the scarves...if we can, perhaps we can begin to create our own 3-part patterns, using 3 colours!

We will be selecting a number and putting that many buttons on the snowman

We will have snowball play in our water tray to explore in different ways

We will be using our very careful cutting skills to make and decorate snowflakes

We will share Winter stories