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WB 02-11-20 Our World - Bonfire Night

Switch on your listening ears...what is that sound?!

Is it a firework? Could it be a bonfire? Do you have any ideas what else sounds similar? Have fun listening to these sounds that you may hear in the environment around you right now!

We are having so much fun learning about Bonfire Night and why we celebrate it!

We are learning a new number rhyme

Shape Rockets! We have been making our very own rockets using the junk modelling!

Baking biscuits - we followed a recipe and baked our own biscuits, then decorated them as fireworks in the sky.

We move our bodies in a range of ways - beginning low and 'whooshing' up into the sky!

We have created special pattern marks in the sensory tray!

Happy Bonfire Night! Always remember to stay safe!